Office of Refugee Resettlement seeking 100% budget increase for housing immigrant children for last 3 months 2018

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Aug 31, 2007
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The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has prepared an internal budget plan that has been leaked which shows that the agency expects the need of 25,400 more beds for unaccompanied immigrant children by the end of fiscal year Sept 30 this year.

The budget plan says this strain will cause a budget overrun for the dept of $585 million for fiscal year end Sept 30 2018 and a shortfall for their 1st qtr 2019 (which is actually Oct-Dec 2018) budget of $1.3 Billion

The budget shows the HHS will seek supplemental appropriations from Congress for funding to make up the shortfall and will ask Congress to reallocate money from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to make up the shortfall. The budget also states that some funding from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program has already been redirected to the Office of Refugee Resettlement after the Zero Tolerance policy was announced.

The budget plan also shows that an additional $79 million from this years programs for English language instructions, social services, and medical assistance programs used for Refugee assimilation for the HHS have already been redirected to the ORR to help fund the current number of unaccompanied immigrant children held.

The budget also says the EO Trump signed on June 20th to end family separation at the border is considered temporary by the ORR and it is only a 20 day pause on the practice (which means it would end after today) and the budget documents expects on July 11th the ORR would begin accepting in 325 unaccompanied and separated immigrant children per day for the next 4 weeks. which would mean an additional 9,100 immigrant children would be held by the US Government between now and August 10.

The entire budget appropriations for unaccompanied alien children in 2018 was $1.3 billion. Now the ORR is seeking an additional $1.3 billion to cover the cost for the last 3 months of 2018