O’Brate Stadium Receiving Finishing Touches

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Would assume it's kind of a trade off for them being allowed to use the OS when other sports are all being converted to the new brand and style guides.

Yep, but I don't care. I would even rather they go back to the Pistol Pete logo on the batting helmets like what they used in 2013.

IMO, the only thing the new style brand looks good on is a football helmet, that's it. If it was up to me, I would have every sport go back to the old brand, except for baseball. Baseball for most colleges has a long tradition of having logos that are very different from what is found on the school's football helmets. Usually, baseball logos are of the interlocking variety.

OSU already made the right call by getting rid of the new O-State logo, now they need to rectify the entire thing and just go back to the original brand.
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