O’Brate Stadium Receiving Finishing Touches

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Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
What a remarkable, architectural gem. Very proud to have this topping the pyramid of OSU athletic improvements. It is very impressive as is our athletic village.
It makes one wonder what other great things we would have had had we not lost all of that money in the Big Short years.
I think one could have water skied from their dorm to the Student Union.


Knickas on Backward
A/V Subscriber
Dec 6, 2006
They should phase it out. To similar the the interlocked OU.
He is referring to the “Cowboys Baseball” font. Not the interlocking OS, which is classic and being used all over the stadium.
Correct. Love the interlocking OS. Hell, if it was up to me we would ditch the brand and use the interlocking OS exclusively.

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