NOK - OSU women's basketball: Jim Littell sees promise in young, guard-oriented team

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018

By Scott Wright, Staff Writer,

STILLWATER — Oklahoma State women's basketball coach Jim Littell knows his team has questions to answer, after graduating three starters, two of whom were All-Big 12 first-team selections a year ago.

In addition to do-it-all point guard Loryn Goodwin, the Cowgirls lost their powerful frontcourt pairing of Kaylee Jensen and Mandy Coleman.

This year's team will have a different look, with only six players on the roster who recorded statistics for the Cowgirls last season.

Sophomores Braxtin Miller and Jaden Hobbs are back at the guard spots, with LaTashia Jones stepping into a starting role down low.


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