NOK - College basketball transfer epidemic hits Bedlam rivals

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Feb 17, 2018


Trae Young's announcement that he would leave Oklahoma after the season came as no surprise.

But in the days after the end of the Sooners' basketball season, following an NCAA Tournament loss to Rhode Island in the first round, two more departures caused a wave of concern among OU fans.

Jordan Shepherd and Kameron McGusty, both having just finished their sophomore seasons, announced their decisions to transfer.

In Stillwater, Oklahoma State had a similar rash of early departures.

Sophomore point guard Brandon Averette announced his decision to transfer a few days after the Cowboys' season ended with an NIT loss to Western Kentucky.

A few days later, two other OSU players, Yankuba Sima and Tavarius Shine, announced that they were leaving early to pursue professional careers.

While plenty of fans of both the Sooners and Cowboys panicked about the spate of moves, both coaches say people should take a deep breath.

Sooners coach Lon Kruger said the departures were par for the course in college basketball, even if the state schools have been largely immune.

“You look at the turnover across the country, it's kind of the nature of the game today,” Kruger said.

In almost every season since he arrived at Oklahoma in 2011, Kruger's Sooners have lost at least one scholarship player before their eligibility was out.

But until this year, there hadn't been more than one departure in the same offseason.

Cowboys coach Mike Boynton said he understands the pull to transfer early in a player's career if things aren't going well.

“I think like anything else, it's just cool to see if things can be better for me,” Boynton said.


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