NOK - 'Big dude with a mullet': How Josh Sills settled in quickly — on the field and off — with OSU football

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Feb 17, 2018

By Scott Wright
Staff writer

STILLWATER — Josh Sills couldn’t visit his future home.

When he decided to leave West Virginia as a graduate transfer, his time to make a choice on his next school was limited, and an official visit was off the table because of recruiting rules at the time.

“It was a dead period,” Sills said.

So, as he sought out his next stop as a college football player, he had to rely on phone conversations.

Already holding an undergraduate degree from West Virginia in agribusiness management, Oklahoma State jumped out to him because of its nationally respected agriculture department.

He began the recruiting process through conversations with head coach Mike Gundy, offensive coordinator Kasey Dunn and line coach Charlie Dickey.

“I could tell right away that they were straight-up forward.


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