NIT: Cowboys vs FGCU

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Territorial Marshal
Oct 16, 2003
Joe Dooley: hey coach could you help me by telling me how to beat OSU?

Bill Self: hi Joe. Hell if I know. We only won the last one because they were tired!
Dec 6, 2011
Of course their desperation heave goes in. What a weird game, every time any rhythm is established there's a lapse of intensity, a too-quick shot or something like a half court buzzer beater


Federal Marshal
Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Well a nice little run to end the half there, wish they hadn't had that answered prayer at the buzzer. 9 assists on 11 made baskets is freaking awesome, 33% shooting is not. Had some trouble with that zone initially, bailed out by finally make a few three's. If they stick with that zone, I hope we figure out another way to attack it. Also got to figure out how to stop that pick on defense, their guard is quick and is gone after 2 steps. Had some success rotating defenders but still would like to see it done a little smoother.
We've had problems in the 2nd halves of games all year, which is why I wanted a big lead.....come on Pokes, jump on them in the 3rd quarter and remove all doubt.