New Season Starts

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Dec 19, 2012
The first game was promising without Westbrook or Roberson against the Warriors.

1. We have a pesky defense.
2. George and Shroeder had good D, didn't heat up until second half.
3. Adams is great healthy.
4. Noel, Shroeder, and Diallo (despite rookie mistakes) all look like good fits.
5. Ferguson didnt look great as a starter.
6. Patterson was ok as starter, he looks more mobile now.
7. Grant had good D but didn't shoot well.
8. Abrines did well.
9. When Roberson is healthy our D is going to be insane.
10. Luckily the Warriors had some off-season rust on their shooting- Boogie will either make them unbeatable or cause issues.
Feb 13, 2010
Back in God's country!
Agree on all. Hoping for the second outcome on #10. :) I have to admit I fell asleep and didn't see the whole game, but they looked better than I anticipated without Russ and Andre. I'm anxious to see it with those 2 back in the starting lineup. Ferguson did not look good at all.
Jun 20, 2012
Fergie and Patterson need to come off the bench. Period. Fergie needs to be sent to the D league, IMO. Diallo looks like he actually has a future in the league, so let him and Abrines play. Patterson is just too old and out of shape to play right now. It’s going to take him and Felton 1/2 a season to get into good enough shape to have a positive impact. They have zero bounce right now. I hate to see them with a short bench to begin the year, but that’s what they need to do.
And they won’t win more than five games total if they keep jacking up threes like this. Way too many.
Dec 19, 2012
Looks like we are starting to turn the corner, I'm happy Patterson went to the bench for D puposes- Grant is looking good now and building off of last year. Ferguson is finally hitting some shots, but I'm excited to see the defense once Roberson is back.
Shroeder seems to fit really well, and our second unit looks much stronger now.