New Jumbotron in BPS

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Apr 14, 2008
I concede that I'm out of my element. But my question is, besides the cost, could it be done without looking like one of my Dad's repair jobs involving duct tape and such? The way I envision it would likely end up would do more to detract from the look of GIA besides just the tron itself.
Functionally, I think it looks better on the side of GIA...the closer to eye level the better


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Feb 7, 2007
South Carolina
Not sure if serious.

I'm not structural engineer but it was my comment so I guess I get to elaborate.

Winds at 80 feet (whatever it may be) are stronger than winds down in the bowl or at ground level. A 6,000 square foot sail affixed to a structure that wasn't designed for this purpose seems like a recipe for disaster.
Actually, I was serious, and I am a structural engineer. I could design something to make it work regardless of where it is. Cost, is obviously the controlling factor.

Right or wrong, as I was reading through the thread I got the impression that folks were thinking tornadoes. My comment was going to be that no structures in Oklahoma are designed for tornado force gusts...if so, everyone would live and work in bunkers. Per ASCE 7 code it would be designed for 120mph wind assuming a Risk Category III.

You are correct that wind loads at elevation will be greater, but it could be mitigated if the screen is perforated rather than solid. Also, there are different requirements for design of building attachments vs. the building itself. On the side of the building you still have to perform local checks as the screen will attach at X number of locations thus imparting new point loads on the building. That said, the roof mount version would be attached at the base and impart a large moment on the roof and most likely impart new roof point loads via vertical bracing on the backside of the screen. Then the GIA roof trusses would have to be rechecked and so on.

In summary, not impossible, just more expensive. "The more you know"
You could have just said all that at the start. Because after reading your comment it seems pretty obvious to me you were looking for a certain type of response so you could follow it up by making someone sound dumb while making yourself look smart. You kinda sounded like an ass.