New arms race between Russia, China, and US goes hypersonic

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Aug 31, 2007
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Latest reports from American Intel show that Russia's Avangard Hypersonic glide weapon (which can be outfitted with a nuclear warhead) will enter service in the Russian arsenal by 2020

The US Strategic Command told the Senate Armed Services Committee in March this year that the US currently does not have any defense that could stop a hypersonic weapon attack and also said that the US has watched both Russia and China test this capability. The speed of which these weapons move and the inconsistency in how they move makes them impossible for any current missile defenses to track and target.

In Putin's March state of the Union address to Russia he called the Russian hypersonic nuclear weapons arsenal invincible and claimed the Avangard could reach targets at a speed 20 x faster than the speed of sound. This while a video played behind him of simulated hypersonic attacks hitting US targets.

The latest Russian hypersonic test was in Oct 2017 of which the glide vehicle reached 5 x the speed of sound or 1 mile per second. However this test failed as the vehicle crashed just seconds before hitting its target. It was launched on a Russian SS-19 intercontinental ballistic missile and then travels on top of the atmosphere and uses aerodynamic forces to generate incredible speed.

The US is also testing its own Hypersonic weapons called The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, but is doing so without Nuclear capabilities, that are smaller and more accurate. In Contrast the US may not be able to defend against a Hypersonic weapon but have conducted successful test of our own Hypersonic weapons at ranges over 4,000 KM. While China and Russia have only had successful test in the 2,000 KM range