NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships

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Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
As a virologist - research virology, specifically - this global panic is simply absurd. You have the same chance of dying from the flu (well, coronavirus is slightly more deadly). The reactions spurred by the media apparatus propagating propaganda leaves me bewildered. It's laughable, really. I assure you.. this entire situation is just absurd.
It's more leftist, entitlement pandering to the weakest whiners on the planet. We have become such a wimpy society thanks to leftist policy makers of the past decades. Kowtowing Republicans, so bent on being p*ssies allowing the weak to make policy is to blame for this massive puddle of weak-kneed pandering.
Will men ever begin to start being men again and regain some backbone and stop worrying about being called names?
We need to be led by Cowboys -- not wimps.
Jul 9, 2011
Yankees Tavern, Carlos Texas
A little perspective

CDC: Coronavirus US burden
Updated March 13, 8:00 AM EDT
Confirmed 1,762
Fatal 41
Recovered 31

CDC: 2019-2020 Flu (estimated)
Cases: 34-49 million
Deaths: 20-52,000

The vast majority of deaths in China were elderly folks, most with pre-existing conditions. Most all of the elderly have pulmonary issues because a great majority of Chinese are still heavy smokers (both men and women) so I have to think that contributed to their death toll. I believe the apparent higher fatality rate so far in the US to date has more to do with under-confirmation of cases than an actual higher death rate to due the virus, but that is just my opinion. Also the death rate is usually higher as a new virus is introduced to a population and drops fairly quickly going forward due to several factors.

Long way to go, but at this point we are much more likely to die of some variety of flu virus than coronavirus. Pretty much the same guidelines apply to avoid both - avoid close contact (within a few feet) of others, especially if they are exhibiting signs of being ill (coughing, sneezing). Other things you can do personally to avoid any virus: stop smoking, exercise and eat healthy. Wash hand thoroughly and often as in several times a day. Wash each entire hand (seriously, watch a video as most people don't wash their hands correctly), and scrub with soap long enough to sing "Row Your Boat" twice. Do not touch your face, especially your eyes, nose or mouth with bare hands - use a napkin or cotton swab. I've seen some recommendations to add vitamin C and D but I am a little dubious on that if you are a healthy adult under 60. Avoid touching public door doorknobs and other surfaces frequently touched by the public with your bare hands. Use a hand sanitizer wipe if you have no choice (such as a shopping cart handle). Gloves would be far more help for most people to prevent the spread of this virus than face masks.

We have not had a confirmed case within 100 miles of where I live, but school districts are closing now for a week. I believe this has to do with an overwhelming need to "do something" now. Closing for a week now is not going to do a lot of good, and they may wish that had that week off back later if/when the virus actually reaches this area. Store shelves are empty of toilet paper of all things as well as antiseptics, so yes we are seeing some over-reactive behavior based on media hype.
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Dec 17, 2011
McGriff and a healthy Lindy with Dizzy spotting up with the incoming class next year would be... wow.
And dizzy already knows his role as a guy coming off the bench. Dont forget about laurent though I am not sure he would find much playing time if this came back around.
Aug 7, 2006
And dizzy already knows his role as a guy coming off the bench. Dont forget about laurent though I am not sure he would find much playing time if this came back around.
I kinda figured JL might want to move on and try to make some money since he was a 5th year senior.