NCAA Baseball Regionals

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Jun 4, 2007
Broken Arrow, Ok
Selection show at 11am. .

Most projections have the Cowboys in Fayetteville as the #3 seed.

1 - Arkansas
2 - Missouri State
3 - Oklahoma State
4 - Oral Roberts

All teams we have faced this year. We're 3-2 against these teams combined.

Also looks like this regional pairs up with the Fort Worth (TCU) regional.
Mar 8, 2010
Geez Poison, they're all tough. It' for a national championship for crying out loud! The Arkansas scenario is probably the best we could ask for. It's close, we already know the teams and have that all important momentum.


Territorial Marshal
Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
I get what he's saying. ORU has had our number this year and the games haven't been close. However, I think we have a different team right now mentally and with regard to chemistry and experience than we had at anytime when we played them earlier this year. You have to beat everyone that's in front of you and just the fact that we are even in the field is a testament to this team. Line em up and knock em down...that's what we did last year!

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May 29, 2007
Edmond, OK
Cowboys actually beat ORU in first game this year then lost 2 in Tulsa. OSU hasn't won a game at ORU since 1995, 8 straight. And they have struggled agaisr ORU under Josh/Rob although I don't know the record. I suspect some of it is the ORU boys viewing that game as a bigger game than the OSU boys.