National Security Adviser of Afghanistan tells reporters Trump appointed US Special Rep trying to take over control of the country

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Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
The National Security Advisor for Afghanistan has just told reporters he thinks the Trump appointed US Special Respresentative Zalmay Khalizad to Afghanistan is attempting to delegitimize the Afghan Government in a move to be named a caretaker or to become Viceroy of the Afghan Govt.

He said they are being told that Khalizad knows what he is doing and how to negotiate but said his actions and negotiations are not moving toward peace for Afghanistan and said he is attempting to ostracize and alienate the govt which is an Ally to the US and do not think he understands the basic principles of negotiations.

He said that Khalizad is doing stuff he doesn't think Trump would like and doesn't think Trump would order him to disrespect the Afghan people the way he is.

WOW...that is some strong strong strong accusations against one of Trump's appointees