My dreams are slowly coming true

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Jul 7, 2010
Saratoga Springs, NY
I'll echo these comments.

I dont chime in very much about football on this board. I love the football team - I never miss a game. But I also love the soccer team, the baseball team, the cross country team (of which, I was on). My friends joke that if Oklahoma State had a varsity corn hole team I'd watch every one of those games as well. I reply with, "If they televised the JV matches, I'd watch those too".

But I came to this school because of the basketball team. I never missed a game while I was there. And going back as an alumn, I still get goosebumps and am in awe every time I walk into that arena.

My good friend and college roommate always gets annoyed at me when I tell him I'd rather win a championship in basketball than football. But, it is the truth. I LOVE this basketball program. It is the team that turned my heart orange as a high school kid and made me fall in love with our university.

Boynton is the right guy. The questions of "can he coach and scheme and lead us to a championship" to me are silly. He is a young coach and will continue to improve throughout his time here and his ability to be an effective and inspirational leader, combined with his unquestioned ability to recruit, are all reasons I have 100% faith that Boynton is the right guy to lead our program for as long as he will have us.

The past few weeks have been so much fun. I have successfully avoided the polarity of the football chats and have had a really fun time speculating, agreeing, and celebrating with my fellow Oklahoma State fans and alumns on this board. All in the spirit of the hopefulness and pride our basketball program is bringing to us.

Lets keep the good times rolling. Lets keep this momentum going. Oklahoma State Basketball is on the rise. And I couldn't be more proud.