Mueller team "accidently" wipes 27 phones clean prior to review

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Jun 24, 2005
You really get alot of your news from Breitbart and The Daily Wire.

Do you think that's healthy?
Are you saying this didn't really happen and it was made up, or it doesn't count because a news source you see as extremist reported it?

I always thought Leftsists secretly love Fox news, or they should. Once Fox reports something, whether it's true or not, people on the left have an excuse to dismiss it because, "Fox news". It's like it suddenly didn't happen.


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Oct 16, 2003
I read an article stating that after a certain number of incorrect passwords, the phone puts itself in time out and after each of the progressions the times outs get longer and longer. So the total time it takes to wipe a phone was stated at about 3 hours. And one guy was able to "accidentlly" achieve such a feat TWICE!
Feb 11, 2007
Oklahoma City
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