Mike Boynton's 'quiet confidence:' How a 36-year-old unknown became the right person to guide Oklahoma State through a rocky year

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Feb 27, 2018
Twelve months ago, when Athletic Director Mike Holder introduced a teary-eyed Boynton as the 20th head coach in school history, most fans -- even die-hards -- reacted just like the man at the Ponca City Cowboy Caravan stop: Who?
It was not the first time that Boynton, then less than three months on the job, heard people question his abilities. At every stage of his life, as both a basketball player and a coach, moments of doubt put Boynton in the cockpit to decide what happens next.
Every time someone gives Boynton a chance, he succeeds.

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Nov 8, 2007
When Mike Boynton was hired, I jokingly posted on facebook that I thought that Mike Boynton was my macroeconomics professor when I was a student (circa 1995-1999). I was skeptical, but I thought I would give him a shot. Then Lamont Evans had his issue and I was convinced this would be a long winter. I must say that I was wrong about Coach Boynton. I really like him. I think he has what we want in a coach at OSU -- a gritty confidence that we can all get behind. I think Mike Holder either got lucky or found a gem, either way I don't care. So far, this has been a home run hire and Mike Holder deserves praise for making the decision.