Men's golf regional

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Federal Marshal
Oct 15, 2003
So Cal
Some stats to tell your U of H friend...

"They have incredibly finished second four times".....OSU has finished second 17 times

OSU has 54 top five finishes in the 73 year history of the program

OSU has 129 first-second-third team All Americans....2nd place Houston with 72

They had a nice run but for an overall program I'm sticking with OSU as the GOAT #GOLFSCHOOL
yep.... and for all of that, this was printed in the DOK just yesterday....

the Cowboys try to win back-to-back national titles — something that’s never been done in the storied history of OSU men’s golf

I think that my Houston friend will just keep throwing that feat of back-to-back-to backs in my face.

We're in first and up by a dozen strokes late in the 2nd round. Go Pokes.
Dec 20, 2005
Does anyone have a reliable link for the updated leaderboard? I thought I heard On the baseball telecast that we were up by 25 strokes at some point today but I cannot Confirm.