MBB: POST GAME Cowboys dial in their First Conference Win Against TCU 72-57. Next up #1 BAYLOR

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Aug 16, 2012
Saw the same TCU on the ESPN+ broadcast. I'm not a fan of the Big 12 programming through this service. Very focused on everyone we play and no attention and ads for OSU. Between poor production and camera work to missing a half of a game, and now to the Big 12 focusing on our opponents, the Big 12 administration has not come through very well on this on-line. I called to talk with the person responsible in the Big 12 office and of course he/she never returned my call.
Each school gets their allotment of "This is Us" commercials that are evenly divided. Part of the programming contract. After that, any school can buy as many additional spots as they want, but it is on their nickel to do so.
Jan 13, 2008
Corinth, TX

Oh boy...... SMH......
EVERY TIME is a little too much, but you can't argue with 41.9% from 3. That's translates to 63% from 2pt.

Other than Dizzy, we are a horrible 3 point shooting team. Waters is second with 33.7%. McGriff is 27% (3rd most attempts on the team!!!).


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Nov 20, 2006
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33% from 3 is good. Dizzy and Waters can shoot. We should play Boone twins alot more. They can ball.
I hate to be callous but Lindy slows down the offense. With him on the bench last game the offense moved much more smoothly. While Mitchell did well, AA is better but both should see action if AA can play.