MBB: Big 12 MEGATHREAD. Quarterfinals: #8 Cowboys vs #1 Jayhawks (ESPN/ESPN2 @1:30PM)

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Oct 29, 2004
Edmond, OK
In the movies, the media/gov always say 'We don't want the public to panic!"
But here in the real world, the media/gov is doing everything they can to induce panic....but the public is just annoyed.
Just an observation as I was watching what transpired. The players came out and team introductions were made. Right before the tip, several players started to go to the officials. The coached got involved and then both teams and officials exited for the locker rooms. About 20 minutes later they postponed the game.

If I had paid to go to this game, I would have been annoyed that they waited until the very last minute before tip to have this conversation about the game. i had heard about 2 hours before the game that Rudy Gobert may be a scratch due to illness.