Maybe a good bet(wvu hoops)

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Feb 5, 2008
Oklahoma City
I don't know if it's the shine or coonskin cap but they are beating the chicken hawks now
Its because Kansas lost 4 starters literally. That's why. Anyone who's paid attention we should have beaten ku with 6 actually ready guys. Ku sucks because their team left. They are gone. WVU beat a bad OU team and caught tech on a bad uninterested day. WVU might beat ku. Ironically they get lucky with kstate not having wade


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Jan 15, 2016
i think wvu will win the big 12 this year and have as good a shot as anyone to win it all. Team will be taller, faster, more athletic and deeper. wvu was best team in hoops last year for 35 minutes and then ran out of gas, that wont happen this year. Teddy Allen and a big man who played a lot were replaced with better athletes.

WVU does lose carter(taken 32nd in nba draft) and miles. However, they have a wealth of talent at guard this year, including some really good freshmen. Konate returned for 1 more year, and he dominated the backcourts last year. Now with a juco transfer wvu will have twin towers.

This is as good a team as huggins has ever had. the Mountaineers are 30-to-1. Duke is the current favorite (5-to-1), with reigning champion Villanova tied with Kansas and Kentucky at 8-to-1 not far behind the Blue Devils. Other Big12 teams in the list include Texas Tech (40-to-1), Baylor (80-to-1), Texas (80-to-1), TCU (80-to-1), Kansas State (200-to-1), Iowa State (200-to-1), Oklahoma (200-to-1), and Oklahoma State (300-to-1). you may want to lay a hundred or two on wvu to win it all.
I hope you will accept my generous offers going forward of much better numbers on these futures bets than you could find out in Vegas or local shops or offshores.