Mason2Washington continues

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Jul 7, 2010
Saratoga Springs, NY
You too?

Come on, guys. Fanhood is a sacred bond.

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Yes. Fanhood is a sacred bond - and mine begins with Oklahoma State University. Furthermore, in the Rule Book for Being a True Fan by Bill Simmons, it is 100% acceptable to follow your favorite college sports stars to a professional team.

Please, allow me to direct your attention to Rule 19 of this publication...

19. Once you choose a team, you're stuck with that team for the rest of your life ... unless one of the following conditions applies:

And then please, continue on to section D of this law...

You follow your favorite college star (and this has to be a once-in-a-generation favorite college star) to the pros and root for his team

As you can see here, following Mason Rudolph (if he is your favorite) or James Washington (if it is him instead) is 100% approved and acceptable in the official rule book.


Also, remember, I said I was I was trying hard not to be emotional considering the picks were still fresh in my mind. Will I remain with the Dolphins? Yeah, probably. But if we are playing the Steelers in 3-4 years and I see Mason and Washington lining up against my team, am I going to root for Minkah Fitzpatrick to shut them down? No. Absolutely not.


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Feb 5, 2008
Oklahoma City
Same here. I've tried to pick a team to be a fan of, but I can't. No connection. I pretty much don't care about the NFL at all and just casually watch games here or there. Didn't care about the NBA until the Thunder came here and sure as hell don't care about MLB.
Same here. No NFL team for me so I root for ex Cowboys on teams.