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Apr 2, 2008
From today's The Athletic:

Dear Faux Pelini: I’m upset with Mike Gundy

By Faux Pelini 2h ago


Editor’s note: During the college football season @FauxPelini answers your football and life questions. These are actual questions from actual readers seeking advice. Send yours to DearFaux@gmail.com.
Dear Faux Pelini,
I’m upset with Mike Gundy. After several key Oklahoma State players left for the NFL a rebuild seemed inevitable, so I shifted my focus to tailgating with friends. The problem is Gundy wants to keep playing a senior instead of a freshman at QB even though we are out of contention. This is kind of annoying.
Ben M.

Hey Ben,
I get it, losing seasons suck.
It’s fine to be frustrated during a year like this. Good, even. Frustrated fans push a program to get better.
But you are losing track of your place in the OSU universe. Your job as a fan is to support, enjoy and endure. That’s it.
Winning is easy, losing is not. When things turn bad for Oklahoma State for a year or two, you’re entitled to deal with the games however you want. You’ve earned that right. Watch them, skip them, tailgate and go home, whatever. This year, it’s your job to support and endure however you choose to do so.
Gundy has a different role. His job is to maximize Oklahoma State’s winning, both in the short term and long term. If he believes the team is better off playing a senior instead of a freshman in 2018, trust that he has his reasons. Maybe he’s sending a message to his players and recruits; maybe he’s keeping a promise you don’t know about; maybe the freshman isn’t ready. You don’t have the information Gundy has, because coaching is not your role in the OSU ecosystem.
By the way, what about this senior QB? It’s not all his fault that the losing is happening. He worked for four years to get to this point, and now he’s supposed to sit down and let an 18-year-old play because Ben in Tailgate Lot #5 is frustrated?
Do your job, Ben, and let Gundy do his. You’d be annoyed if Gundy called you out for putting too much celery in your Bloody Mary, so don’t tell him who he should play at quarterback. He knows his team from the inside, you know it from the outside.
Dear Faux Pelini,

When you have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into OSU, then you can tell us how we can’t be pissed off at our complacent coach. Until then, please shut up.


Rational donors and poke fans
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Sep 8, 2014
The back 40
After reading some of the conversations on this board over the years I too have now seen the (Orange) light.

I now know Travis Ford was a good coach that just didn’t ‘fit’ Oklahoma State (and he never did get his players in the system), Pat Boone is a misunderstood Genius, New Coke was awesome, the Edsall was the car of the future and OCMY may be the greatest offensive mind in all of competitive football.
Oct 6, 2007
Piedmont, OK
It would be stupid for them to think that after what happened with Basketball. I sure hope you are wrong, and no, I saw the provision of the free water as an option to keep people in the stadium and to at least provide them with something that was a need if they aren't going to allow re-entry. Anyway, obviously they have to get back to winning games at home and on the road. Hopefully this year will start on an uphill climb this coming Saturday, if it doesn't we could be in some major trouble with people not showing up.

Go Pokes!
No worries. Those damned annoying paddle people will still be there. Flame away bit I am sick of them. TV has a mute button.
May 4, 2011
Charleston, SC
No worries. Those damned annoying paddle people will still be there. Flame away bit I am sick of them. TV has a mute button.
Maybe it's because it started, or at least took off, while I was at OSU and I spent some time around those guys at games or maybe it's because they pissed off Texas so much that they had to get a new Big 12 rule limiting noise before the snap, but I like them being there and seeing them. Maybe I'm wrong but I even think some folks on this board were among the founders/early adopters. I think of counting first downs every time I see them and it brings back good memories of college in the early gundy days.