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Sep 5, 2011
Speed on the field during a game while in full pads is alot different than a 40 time. It may be close on the 40 with them, but put full pads on and go at it and it's way different. It slows some kids down alot more than others.
Feb 4, 2004
Williamsburg, IA
This time was against La-La, KU, Tech. With some of that being against their backups. No way he will do anything close to that
Actually most of it came against Kansas' 1st team and all of it came with far more of our backups in the game than the opponent's backups. He may or may not duplicate those kind of numbers (I would guess that he will not), but my point is that he looked pretty good when we let him throw the ball.


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Nov 20, 2006
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Chelf did what he did as a new player who hadn't seen any action on the field. He looked pretty good for being that new to D1 ball in terms of playing time. I imagine that he would improve. BW improved alot last year because he had to play a game last year without JB on the field. He continued to learn throughout the year and has become what we see now. There is no doubt that JW and CC will struggle early but given time they both have the capability to be as good or better than a healthy ZRob.