Jason Witten returning to Dallas

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Darth Ryno

Territorial Marshal
Jul 26, 2004
Tishomingo, OK
First off, not a Dallas fan.

But I rooted for Dez, Randle, Dan, Weeden and then Jarwin.

It seemed that Dallas finally figured out they have a damn good TE on their roster late season.

Blake's last four regular season games: 228 yards on 20 receptions with 3 TDs. Yea, much came in the final game against the Giants... but it showed his ability as both a receiver and blocker. Out of those 4 games, he started just one. Averaged 11.4 ypc.

Could we see Jarwin ask to be traded?
Aug 16, 2012
The article I just read says Witten has agreed to a "limited snap" role. As popular as he is, I do not see that being possible, but at the same time, Prescott has developed a rapport with his current TE, notably Jarwin. Would be curious to see what kind of salary he draws but it seems odd that a team would sign an older player under the auspices of "limited snaps" when salary caps and roster space is already limited.