Is Chuba now the Heisman frontrunner?

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Feb 24, 2020
Based on everything we've seen from Gundy in the last 5 years, this checks out and makes Chuba's tweet make a lot of sense.
Interesting article to say the least......there's a lot of truths in that piece. Explains why the product on the field has been inconsistent the last several seasons. Still don't mind him wearing the OAN shirt, but I also didn't care for Hubbard blasting him on social media over it either.
May 31, 2007
Edmond, OK
Kind of a far cry from the "Gundy is a racist" narrative.
I think all of us have noticed Gundy “mailing it in” so to speak in recent years. Based on Chuba’s original tweet I find it hard to believe that’s what triggered him or had anything to do with it. But it is undeniably something that needed to be corrected. As far as saving Gundy’s job, that’s laughable. OSU won’t be getting rid of Gundy (barring an egregious finding) with that contract. I think what Chuba did probably ensured that Gundy is our coach until the end of his contract and then that’s it.


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Feb 28, 2007
I have moved more posts, if you want to argue politics go to the political forum. Like was said in the pinned thread, we have allowed some leeway.
Sep 16, 2004
Here’s an interesting take that contends that Chuba voicing players’ complaints might have saved Gundy’s job.
“Hearing how the players felt was a great learning experience for me,” Gundy said. “It was the kind of thing that will bring us closer. What Chuba did is awesome for me and gives us a chance to get better.”

Hopefully he sticks to his commitment. The article helped shed light on the issues players had with Gundy. It leads me to believe the rest of the coaching staff must be doing something right since Tylan and Chuba chose to come back. If they can pull through this, the future could be bright. But there’s still a lot to be seen.