Is America Running Out of Workers?

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with that response it's pretty clear that you don't have a brain.

That is FROM the military. THEY said it is possible... Trump has to act in the best interest of the people.

Glad that he's Prez and not you.
Gee, all that unnecessary insulting from mister "why can't we just discuss things"

I realize it is from the military. I've written those reports before.

The point is that you said it is your best "guess" and I said that the military disagrees. Anyone with the slightest reading comprehension can see that the military's best "guess" which they call the MLCOA is that the thing dwindles to nothing significant with no terrorism at all. The military's worst-case scenario is that it grows and terrorists decide to infiltrate. What, do you think someone is going to write a military report saying it is impossible that a terrorist attack could form? Dumb.

I know you aren't that dumb. What is funny is that you so can't stand to be shown a fact that shows what you said is incorrect that you will make yourself look dumb trying to cover.

This has nothing to do with Trump. My response was to your "best guess."

Here, to refresh your memory what we are even talking about (note, Trump not mentioned):
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 16.05.42.png