Recruiting Interview with OSU commit Zack Dawson

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The Car'a'carn
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Apr 5, 2012
In the middle of last week Brad Underwood and staff received their first commitment of the 2017 class. It was a big one coming from Zack Dawson, a 4 star 6'3" guard from Miami, Florida. Dawson is a combo guard that can score from pretty much anywhere on the floor, but specializes in the pick and roll. We caught up with him earlier for an interview.


Can you tell me what made you decide to go ahead and commit to OSU?

"The style of play, the environment, the education and relationship with the coaches. I'll also be looking forward to putting OSU back on the map."

So has it been a combination of the coaches that are recruiting you or has it been just one of them?

"I've been talking to coach Evans and coach Underwood."

Can you tell me about your relationship with the 2 of them?

"My relationship with them is pretty good I talk to them both almost everyday and it's pretty fun to build a nice relationship with them."

Can you tell me what kind of player that OSU is getting in you?

"They are getting a scoring guard that can also get his teammates involved and just make the right play at the end of the day. I'm more like a combo guard."

Did you have a connection to OSU before Coach Evans and Underwood started recruiting you, because Florida is a long way from Oklahoma?

"Not really but I used to watch Marcus smart when coach Ford used to coach him. I really believe in Coach Underwood coaching style and coach Evans is a great developer I think I'll be successful at OSU."

Do you know what you are wanting to major in at college?

"I am currently considering business or law to major in."

Have they told you about the new business school? It should be very nice when its finished.

"Yes coach underwood have told me about the new business school. I'm looking forward to it."

Last question here, with your commitment to OSU have you closed up the recruiting process?

"Yes right now my recruiting process is closed."

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