ICE sterilizing mmigrant females without consent?

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Some cowboys gots smarts real good like me.
Aug 8, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
Apparently a whistle blower has filed an official complaint with the IG to the Dept of Homeland Sec claiming female immigrants in detention are being given hysterectomies without consent
That is quite the claim. And a month and a half before the election.

This complaint is complete crap. It reads like a high school gossip column that relies on 100% hearsay for the procedures. "They call the doctor the uterus collector..what's he doing with them?" - random inmate. And that wasn't even the crux of the complaint. It alleges poor overall care, lack of COVID would seem as if the hysterectomies were thrown in as a last-second add-on to say "and also this!". Really drives that horribleness home. Forget the part that no doctor is mentioned by name, no off-site facility is mentioned by name, and no person who supposedly had their uterus removed is quoted. It's horseshit and it's political and its a disgrace to women who are actually being sterilized in China.

I'm so tired of this 'say anything and get it printed for shock value' attitude we've developed. IThere needs to be a full investigation and those responsible should be sent to the Hague if this is true. I'd bury them UNDER the jail if it's true.

But I'd bet that it isn't.
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