How Will Knowles Handle Tech?

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Feb 27, 2018
From Mark Cooper: Why does Jim Knowles coach from the sidelines? For games like Texas Tech

STILLWATER — Jim Knowles lurks the sideline, often meeting his players as they come off the field.

When OSU is making substitutions and using different packages over the course of the game, Oklahoma State’s defensive coordinator is right in the middle of the action directing.

Knowles hasn’t always coordinated his defenses from the sideline, but he wouldn’t be anywhere else in this age of college football.

“When offense went to hurry-up, I did,” Knowles said.

Former Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer spent the last couple seasons in the coaches’ box, a move he made in 2016 after some early season struggles at Mike Gundy’s suggestion.

Knowles said he sees more advantages to being on the sideline against offenses like Texas Tech’s, which enters Saturday’s 6 p.m. kickoff averaging 93.7 plays per game — the most in college football.


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Feb 6, 2007
Maybe because you were serious at the time by doubling down but now you’re trying to back off of that stance now that you realize that it wasn’t a good stance.
Not necessarily true. He might have been joking in his first post, then doubled down on the joke/sarcasm.