How OSU becomes a title contender (ESPN)

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Have some class
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Jun 29, 2004
Fairmont, MN
So how does this whole Gundy-OAN impact the voters in the Polls ?

I'll be we drop in the next pre-season poll and will be held back all along the way . . . sucks.
It doesn't. By the time polls are released this is a non story. The big message going forward is that players have a bigger voice and that's great. Gundy threw on the wrong tshirt at the wrong time and it became a thing for two days. This will go away quickly.
Sep 2, 2007
For the first time since attending OSU, I could care less how the Football team performs. It is quite freeing actually. I owe this to the Canadian Communist who sent Gundy to a Re-Education Camp. Dissident shall not be tolerated. However, I am looking forward to the Hammer & Sickle NIKE Uni's.