House GOP drafts proposal for US Govt to Fine states that block Off Shore Drilling

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Aug 31, 2007
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Tomorrow the Natural Resource Committee will meet and the House GOP has drafted a proposal that any state that disapproves of off shore drilling for gas and oil will be fined.

The proposal will allow state to disapprove of drilling in up to 50% of their lease blocks off their shores, but if they disapprove of off shore drilling in more than 50% of the lease blocks off their shores they would have to pay the US Govt a fine of 1/10th of the total estimated revenue the Govt would have made if it had leased the blocks.

The proposal would also set up a revenue sharing allotment between the states and the Govt for those states that do approve off shore drilling.

Earlier this year Trump had called for off shore drilling to be allowed in nearly all US coastal waters.

Opponents to the proposal said it could cost some states millions or billions in fines for opposing to allow the Fed Govt to lease drilling sites off their shores.