Homecoming kickoff time 7:00 ABC

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Nov 25, 2009
Weatherford, OK
If Gundy keeps rolling out the same product we’ve seen the last 3 games then he deserves it and I’m 100% sure the players will know it’s aimed at MG and the coaching staff. I’d much rather hear the crowd roar when MG puts in a different QB but we all know that won’t happen.

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Except for the ones who support their coach and think they just need to play better to keep the fans from booing (ya know, like the Oline probably feels right now, especially after film days). Even your statement suggests you're booing TC, a college kid who honestly looks like he's giving it everything he's got for the team you support, but he's coming up short. It's not like he probably has family in attendance who see the crowd looking like they're booing their kid. Just my opinion, but if you want to send a message, stay home.
Glad Gundy came ready to coach and had his team ready to play for the first time since Boise St. The coaching staff actually looked interested in competing and winning, very refreshing! Not sure why it took almost 5 weeks but thankfully they turned it around and possibly salvaged the season. Great game, great atmosphere, and I only booed Hager and Herman at the end. :)

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