HHS shutting down the National Guideline Clearinghouse today

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Aug 31, 2007
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The National Guideline Clearinghouse is a database that was maintained by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality under the the HHS.

The database has been around for ~20 years and holds the latest evidence based research available for the medical profession for medical guidelines.

The database had aprox 200,000 visitors per month and held cheat sheets for the medical field in an easy to use format such as when to start insulin treatments, how to manage HIV patients in unstable housing, when to start geriatric patients on vitamin D supplements etc.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality said they are looking for another partner to carry on the work of the database but has not found one yet, and said that the reason for the shutdown is due to lack of budget and that funding cuts are forcing to remove the resource.

Not even an archived version of the site will be made available.

Obamacare had set up a fee paid for by health insurance plans to fund the NGC for the future but that fee has been axed by the Trump admin

Trump's first HHS director Tom Price who has since resigned due to travel spending was critical of the NGC after a study was published on it in 2016 that was critical of a drug manufacture that was a donor to Price

The end of the NGC is being overseen by Price appointee and current head of the AHRQ Gopal Khanna who is the first non scientist to the lead the agency

The President of the American College of Physicians said that the medical field is losing a valuable resource and said it was the primary source of information for their research.