Heisman Watch: Ranking the Big 12's Top Candidates for 2019

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Darth Ryno

Territorial Marshal
Jul 26, 2004
Tishomingo, OK
Hillary is going to run away with the 2016 election. Sound familiar? How many preseason top 25 teams are still there by the end of the year? Most of these "experts" are sports bloggers who earn $300 per article and live in their mom's basement eating pop-tarts and playing Madden.

And again, he has never been "damn good". If he was, he would have had top-10 stats, despite your inane insistence they mean nothing.
ESPN, USA Today, Sporting News, CBS, etc. Not talking about some dude at GoHorns.com. I don't give two craps if he has a horrible year this season. I think the hate is a little silly.

But no reason to argue. You're in the minority anyway. Have a good one!