Ham radio...help?

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Feb 13, 2010
Back in God's country!
Is anyone on here a ham radio hobbyist or at least knowledgeable about it? My neighbor behind me recently put up an antenna in his backyard. Put 2 metal poles probably 8-10 feet tall and has wires from each pole to the middle of the yard with something (an antenna? a transmitter?) suspended on those wires plus the wire from there to his attic. Immediately afterwards several of the breakers in my house started randomly tripping. He has admitted that his transmission could do that and offered to pay to have different breakers installed. My question is.......with a transmission strong enough to trip breakers in my house wouldn't there also be health risks? We are out in our backyard ALL THE TIME (we have a pool). Our neighborhood does not have large yards so the poles are literally at the fence line and the transmitter (or whatever it is) is probably 5 feet from my fence. Should I be concerned enough to make the HOA have him take it down? I don't want to be a bad neighbor but I have kids in that pool and I don't want there to be the slightest chance of a health risk. Help anyone?
Mar 23, 2013

Here is the radiation pattern for the dipole antenna you seem to be describing. The radiation is to the side of the conductor, with little off the end. I cannot speak to how much RF your neighbor is producing, but I had an issue once with a neighbor's GFCI ( ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet. I helped it with a filter on my transceiver. Occasionally, you can get some interference on telephones and stereo systems, but those can usually be filtered out also.

I do not think you should have any issues as far anyone being near the antenna unless someone is touching it while he is transmitting. The support pole on the end of the antenna is insulated from the conductor so you do not have to worry about touching it.

Couple of links related to RF Safety:


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Aug 11, 2004
Newkirk, Ok
Could just be coincidence. Maybe you should have an electrician make sure you don't have something else going on in your house. I know nothing about ham radios but I've been around business channel radios and have never heard about one bothering breakers.
Feb 13, 2010
Back in God's country!
Update.....I talked with the neighbor. He agreed that his antenna was the likely cause and said he would not use it for a week to test. So far since that day the breakers have not flipped once. So we've identified the cause, now just a question of where he can put the antenna to avoid the problem. He's moved it to the side of his house so we'll see how that goes.
I did have an electrician come out. He's actually the one that identified the possible problem! Smart guy...I would never have thought of that!
Thanks to both of you for the answers/help!