Gundy post game presser

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Federal Marshal
Feb 6, 2007
Given starting QB and Wallace out, I wasn't expecting a win but I was definitely expecting it to AT LEAST be a game... Offense obviously lacked, but defense leaving guys completely wide open killed us... (Most frustratingly when Hurts just ran to the end zone with NO ONE even on that side of the field for the easy TD catch. That was easily the most WTF moment of the game for me...)
Its also a major, major problem when my wife (bless her heart, she's working on her football knowledge, and can now identify blitzes and sometimes screens) can call our plays. She literally called what we were going to do multiple times, and lamented the futility. It was 2nd and long one time, and she said, "Oh gosh, we better not run right up the middle with all those guys so close to the line like that." Guess what we did? We ran right up the middle for no gain, which put us in 3rd and long.

She was also freaking out on some of our 3-man rushes, screaming "Get him! Get him! Oh my gosh, why is he just standing there!?! Get him! He has all day! Someone get the quarterback!!!" Then he scrambles and picks up the first down even with one or two spies on him, and she exclaims, "OMG, how can we not tackle that guy with all those guys around him!?!?". Good question, my bride. But the real question is, "How can we have people being paid hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to develop ways to stop this guy, and they continue to put our players in positions where they can't succeed?"

Keep in mind - I haven't really been talking too much during Bedlam (except posting in the game thread), so she hasn't been listening to me complain about any of this. These are her own observations.

It is so bad, and so blatantly obvious what our problems are that my wife, with casual fan levels of football knowledge can call our plays on offense and see our futility on defense. And people are on this board defending our coaches???? GTFO with that. Our coaches are giving us zero chance against the big boys, because their schemes just don't allow for success without athletic superiority.