Great time

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Aug 2, 2017
Fitzgerald, GA
So, I made it to the Spring Game. I was going to try to keep updates but I dropped my phone in the toilet in a rest area, so I left it. I have never met a more friendly group of people! I enjoyed the crowd. It was a lot smaller than the crowd at the G Day game, but I really felt like I was part of the crowd. I did not have time to eat locally but I will next time we come through.

I think this years defense will be improved. Spring games are usually vanilla in play calling, and I am not sure we can really learn much from this practice session.

I loved seeing J.D. in his number 18 jersey. It's the number he wore in highschool. He looks so much bigger now! Sign me up for Body by Glass! He looked more powerful as a runner and am sure he'll score some TD's.

Hubbard is going to be a legend one day! I hope this kid can stay healthy. He seems to have great vision and can cut.

Not much else to say than we already knew. This is only my second year as a Poke fan, but I am looking forward to this year.