From pro baseball to OSU basketball to the NFL: Codey McElroy's many-sided athletic journey

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Feb 27, 2018
Fun story from Mark Cooper...

McElroy will fly to Los Angeles next week as an undrafted free agent of the Los Angeles Rams.
And that’s not even half of his story.

Before McElroy played football, he coached baseball — as a volunteer assistant at Wichita State in the spring of 2017 and as a graduate manager at Oklahoma State in fall 2016.

Before McElroy coached baseball, he played college basketball for OSU in 2015-16 — playing a minute in a Bedlam game in 2016 and starting on senior day against Texas.

Before McElroy tried college basketball, he played professional baseball in the Atlanta Braves system for two seasons.

Before McElroy became the Braves’ 19th-round pick in 2014, he played baseball for three colleges — Cameron University in Lawton, the University of Texas and Eastern Oklahoma State.

Before that, the Frederick native attended Chattanooga High School, graduating in a class of 18 students.

At a school with no football team.