Fort Worth School District starts recruiting Oklahoma Teachers

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Oct 13, 2004
For the most part parents are the key to a child getting a good education. Two kids can grow up going to all the same schools, have all the same classes, with all the same teachers and come out with a different education because of the involvement of parents. Parents who care enough to check on their kids progress, help (properly - teaching, not doing for the kids) with school work, teach things outside of the class, basically showing interest and having expectations will have better educated kids than those that don't and expect that their taxes and the schools will take care of their kids.

Private schools do better because only kids with parents that care enough to spend the extra money and time go to private schools. And if the parents are spending extra money and time I'd bet they also have higher expectations and help (or pay someone to help) with their kids education.

Sure, there are some school environments that are so bad (but I'd argue it leads back to parents again) that it is difficult to get any education in because of other issues, but for the most part one can learn just fine in public schools.
While I agree it is involved parents that make a huge difference, there is still a massive divide between public vs private schools at least here in the great state of Oklahoma. Also, it has little to nothing to do with teacher pay.

Certainly the best public schools in the state (Jenks, BA, Edmond, others) come close to private school levels in terms of educational experience and in some ways may offer more in terms of options due to size and such (like sports)...but, overall, private schools tend to provide more community focus, one on one time, a better understanding of the culture that made America great in the first place, and just an overall far superior educational experience for the one who actually wishes to learn no matter who his/her parents might be.