Fly fishing 2015

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Oct 19, 2004
I've got a fly fishing trip planned to Rocky Mountain National Park in CO in the first week of October. I have heard that it is right in the middle of the leaves changing in the mountains and also right in the middle of the elk rut.

Hoping to have a few days full of fly fishing among the roaming and bugling elk!
I thought the Rut was more the first week or so of September. You should see plenty of Elk and Deer, and maybe a few Moose with hunting season pushing the game out of the National Forest and off of private land.
Dec 13, 2011
My wife got a me a 1/2 day guided wade trip to NM. If you have any experience with NM fly fishing give me some info!!

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Sep 28, 2013
San Juan River and The Rio Grande
Never fished those areas before, but always had good luck on Royal Wulffs and Humpys on lakes close to the CO line. Look at some fishing reports in the area and pay attention to what bugs are around. I know here in CO right now there's grasshoppers everywhere along with stone flies on the river edges. Fish have been hitting well on those kind of flies.


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Nov 20, 2011
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We may be heading toward Tenkiller Lake in December. Any experienced anglers have some tips for the lower Illinois?
It's a bad year on the Lower Illinois. Oxygen levels are low and trout stocking has ceased. I have also heard the corps is no longer releasing water to support trout. I went at the end of September to fish for Bass/Striper on the fly and got skunked. Everyone I saw on the river reported similar results. The striper eat the trout, which attracts the big striper up into the river. Lack of trout is probably going to affect the striper population.

Hopefully conditions improve by December. If you have a float tube, canoe, kayak or raft, I would have it handy. There is a lot of thick cover on the banks making casting tricky. You have to be out in the river and some parts get pretty deep. Be sure to check the corps. generation schedule before you go.

Lower Illinois: October 25. Elevation normal, water 70 and clear to murky. Trout slow below the dam. Very few trout in the river. Trout are still not being stocked due to water temperature and oxygen levels. Report submitted by Jeremy Bersche, game warden stationed in Sequoyah County.
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