Final Big 12 football rankings!

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Sep 9, 2013
1. OU-a loss to top 25 Kstate on the road. The rest? All wins. some laughingly easy, some struggles to the end.

2. Baylor. What a whooping Baylor put on Kansas in Lawrence. That was like an old Big 8 Nebraska whooping.

3. Oklahoma State- 8-4. No doubt who's 3rd. Tough loss at home to OU. without 2 of the three-headed monsters, it just wasnt a fair fight. Cowboys were gassed at the end, and thankfully the game ended when it did. Good year, overall. In hindsight, losses to TT and Horns were both winnable.

4. Kstate-I dont rely on head-to-head much at season's end, but Iowa State and Kstate are close. Kstate with the win over ISU seals the deal.

5. Iowa State. 7-5 so, is Matt Campbell all that? or did having an nfl rb and wr, both making noise on Sundays make his path easier?
Next season will tell. I think MC is a good coach. problem is the big 12 has the best coaches of any conference, with only Texas having an average coach. the rest, good to great. When coaching is equal, its about the Jimmys and Joes. And matt campbell isn't out-coaching anyone not named Herman.

6. Texas-TT is what the doctor ordered to right the ship. Easy blowout for Horns after falling behind 14-3. Give Horns credit, they didnt quit at home and let a bad team beat them.

7. WVU- biggest jump from 9 to 7. No, Im not a homer. With Doege as qb, WVU was 2-1 down the stretch with the lone (close)loss to a very good Oklahoma State team. WVU's defense held 4 of its last 5 foes to 20 points or less, including TCC 17(one was punt return for td), Baylor 17(and offense gave Baylor short fields too). WVU's 5 wins are at good as or better than teams behind them, plus WVU had road wins over kstate and TCU.

8. TCU- what a disastrous season. at home, needing a win to get bowl eligible, playing a WVU team who had nothing to play for except pride, and take an ass whooping. TCU's offense scored 1 td. that's it. But win over TT and Texas gets them 8th.

9. TT- An ugly blowout to close the year. Loss to kansas outweighs beating OSU and WVU. Not to mention, those were TT's only big 12 wins.

Kansas. Well, it was better. competitive many games, and road wins over a BC team that beat Pitt and VT. Of course, they beat taco tech as well. ugly blowouts to baylor, tcu, OSU etc, cement last place.

Good luck to all the contestants in their bowls. Thx for playing Big 12 football!
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