Fear the Walking Dead, season 4?

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Nov 8, 2004
Wishing I was in Stillwater
Madison's not dead. She survived the destruction of the dam and flood. There are plenty of places to hide in the stadium. She escaped. This show was bad from the "I don't like guns" beginning. I'm so sick of Madison's "for my kids" bulldozer parent act. I really hope she's dead, but I know she isn't.

All the bullet sprayed from the war wagon were head shots, right? They all found the brain of a walker, right? or is this a new thing, you can just hit a walker anywhere and down they go?

Morgan is now the most sane person on the planet. From batspit crazy to savior of the world, just by walking a little bit. Helping people regain their humanity, which he totally couldn't have done in Alexandria, right?

Why is it that Alicia isn't the only person with a cool haircut? If you watch Althea's hands when she's working the walkie talkie you notice her manicured nails. How did she get the door back onto the war wagon? Did the "stitch welding" on the "tank inside a tank inside a bank vault" inside the baseball stadium? And how does she gas that beast, which gets 6 mpg? Does it run on unicorn dust?

Oh, and their "acoustic guitar moment" at the campfire. The only thing missing was kumbaya.