Fauxcahontas on the war path!

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Aug 11, 2011
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow pressed Warren about how people may feel about her dropping out, whether they were supporters or not.
"If Hillary Clinton can't win when she gets the nomination, and then you can't get the nomination, and neither can Kamala Harris and neither can Amy Klobuchar, and neither can Kirsten Gillibrand, I mean, I think part of what's going on today, is women are the country are like, 'OK, honestly, if it's not one going to be any of them, let's get real.' Is it just that it can't be woman ever?" Maddow asked. "Are we just going to run, you know, white men in their late seventies against each other, both parties, and that's all we can agree to do?"
Maddow said Warren dropping out felt like a "death knell" of having a woman president in "our" lifetimes.
Only because feminists always ignore, berate, or spew pure hate at any right leaning woman in the races.

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Jun 24, 2005
Let's see how the tune changes if someone like Nikki Hailey (sp?) runs in '24. I've never really cared if/when a woman becomes President, but now I really, really want it to be a Republican woman and within my lifetime. Purely for entertainment value.
If Ivanka Trump ran, and won, as the first female president, Hillary's head would explode.

That's must see TV.