Fat Guy's Big 12 Rankings after Week #2

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Fat Guy

Aug 23, 2019
Here is how I see the Big 12 so far: (These are my opinions and observations, so feel free to add yours)

1. Oklahoma- Hurts has been good so far, young WRs are scary, O-Line may be an issue, D is still suspect

2. Texas- D may keep them from being "back", how many games will they lose when they are favorites?

3. Oklahoma State- Chuba and Tylan are stars, Spencer will keep growing, D has got to get pressure on the QBs

4. Iowa State- Saturday vs Iowa will tell alot, I think they are over valued. lost quite a bit from last year

5. Baylor- Untested, but would not be surprised if they are 5-0 coming to Stillwater

6. Kansas State- Klieman knows what he is doing, Saturday will be telling for them as well, a win would be big for Conference

7. TCU- Another team with a Big game Saturday, Only have had one game, I trust Patterson, not sure about Delton

8. Texas Tech- Big game Saturday at Arizona, Not great competition but D has been solid

9. West Virginia- Looks like a long year in Morgantown, looked slow against Mizzou, O-Line couldn't run block or protect Kendall

10. Kansas- Long year again in Lawrence, could create a new perspective if they beat BC saturday

I think there is a big separation from#3 to #4. 4-8 are looking to be interchangeable and probably will shift positions as the year goes on. 9 & 10 are well behind them.
Saturday has some big non-conference games for the Big 12 vs Power 5 schools:

Oklahoma @ UCLA- Oklahoma should roll, they have been good on the road in recent years, but who knows
Iowa State vs Iowa- Leaning Hawkeyes, I don't see the Cyclones getting many points
Kansas State @ Mississippi State- Don't be surprised to see K-State win
TCU @ Purdue- How will Delton play? Will the Defense show up as well?
Texas Tech @ Arizona- If Tech's D really has improved, they should win
West Virginia vs NC State- Unless WV shows something we haven't seen, may be a long day in Morgantown.
Kansas @ Boston College- Long trip to Chesnut Hill
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Jan 5, 2010
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Well I suppose something's gotta give
In regards to KSU scoring 30+ my money would be on KSU falling short.

The only Big 12 games played to date that anything of substance can be taken from are UT/LSU, both KU games, and both WVU games...and potentially ISU's struggles in game one.

What we know is that UT is dangerous, KU and WVU are in bad shape, and that no other program has been tested.

Best wins to date for the conference are ours against Oregon State and OU's against Fresno. Both of those programs would do no more than edge out KU and WVU if in our conference.

You don't learn a damn thing against FCS and lower level group of 5 opponents unless you struggle against them.
Oct 30, 2007
Just looked ahead, battle for the basement is a week from Saturday.

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