Fantast Football talk - week 1

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Darth Ryno

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Jul 26, 2004
Tishomingo, OK
Aaron Rogers is a freaking bad ass. Gets sent out on a cart in the 1st Q and came back in the game, barely move and has thrown for over 200 yards and 2 scores.

Monday night football help....

My flex, I have option for a couple of guys...

Jordy Nelson (projected 6.99)
Kerryon Johnson (projected 9.84)

Nelson will have to battle for time with Cooper (Oakland) while Johnson is the 'likely' feature back for the Lions but they have Theo Riddick, a great goal line RB. Could take away points from Johnson.

So who would you start?

My team this year:
QB: Aaron Rogers (GB)
RB: Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas)
RB: Alex Collins (KC)
WR: Amari Copper (Oak)
TE: Rob Gronkowski (NE)
FLEX1: Kerryon Johnson (Det)
FLEX2: Kurt Cousins (Minn)
K: Harrison Butker (KC)
Def: Philadelphia Eagles

BN: Alfred Morris (SF)
BN: Emmanuel Sanders (Den)
BN: James Washington (Pit)
BN: Jordy Nelson (Oak)
BN: Nick Chubb (Cle)
BN: Cameron Brate (TB)