ESPN 40 under 40 College B-ball Coaches

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Jun 14, 2011

I thought this was a decent read since I am starved for college round ball. Rankings of note (for me at least):

4. Mike Boynton: I hope the performance of the team this year is grounds to vault him higher up the list.
9. Jon Scheyer: I remember him playing at Duke. Crazy to think he is considered a Little Coach K.
23. Gerry McNamara: Syracuse legends abound... I hated that team with a passion, but man, he could shoot.
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
So, it's kinda late in the game, but someone needs to tell Coach Boynton that we can't recruit top players to Stillwater. It'll just never happen.

Also, someone needs to tell (again) AD Mike Holder that he's a putz and knows nothing on how to hire a coach.

We just cannot go on having these mistakes made again and again and again. And we need to stay indoors for at least another couple of years until the Murder Hornets have all been eaten by THE MANTIS!!
Dec 17, 2011
This last season impressed me with Boynton. The funk we went through, teams in the recent past would have given up. He got the team to give effort right up to the last game.
I also loved that no matter what, we still had a chance to get in, and we started to create buzz around the college basketball world. I was noticing a lot of articles stating that OSU actually had a good resume and had a high enough NET to be considered to get in. We will never know, but how we ended last season I was very happy. It shows his growth as a coach to adjust.
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
I don't think we'd have gotten in UNLESS we beat KU in that next game. THEN, the momentum might have kept us out of the NIT (Ugh!). But the team fought hard and the greatest play you can go out of the season was that 90 ft drive and layup by Ice, while the ISU dude was jackin' around flexin' and sh*t. HA HA. I'd have loved to hear the comments on that by the ISU folk.