Eddie film

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Territorial Marshal
Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
Watching with my wife, my Mom and my Dad.......I guarantee you tears will be shed! Good tears, overdue tears for this man 's story being told. Tears of joy for Steve, Sean and Scott finally seeing their Dad's story....the WHOLE story, told to the world! After the rest of the world watches Monday night they will know what all of us already knew.....Coach was a special human being, flawed like every other human being, but also full of basketball greatness, strength to carry an entire university though a profound tragedy and the ability to create life long relationships that changed lives and that far overshadowed his shortcomings!


Federal Marshal
Aug 2, 2005
Edmond, OK
Anyone know if I will be able to watch this on the ESPN app after airing or will it be a live only thing?
FYI, I asked the question to the sutton film on twitter and here is their answer. Looks like we won't get streaming right now, but likely will at some point in the future.

Aug 28, 2009
Had this set up to record last week. Checked again this morning and all looked ok. Just sat down at 9 after putting the two year old to bed and it never recorded. Looks like directv/ESPN changed the name from a placeholder to “Eddie” at some point today and it cancelled the recording. Beyond pissed right now