Dunn is in over his head

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Oct 13, 2004
As for the original statement on this thread...I don't think Casey Dunn is "in anyway, "over his head." That's so inane, the guy has been our best position coach for years. He is a GREAT, not good, GREAT coach and is perfectly suited to coach the offense. It's going to be fine...Mike needs to allow it to be, and I'm hoping he will. Go Pokes!
Oct 27, 2003
McKinney, TX
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The offense was worse under Yurcich than it was under Holgorsen, Monken and Fedora.

Yes or Yes?
Yes but I am not entirely sure it was him.

His play calling looked different in his debut at Texas, almost like he suddenly found the middle of the field. Go watch Weeden and that 2011 team and see how much space we used. That was Gundy's complaint about Bama playing LSU that year, he said we would have used all 52 yards across the field and spread LSU out.

We never do that anymore. Our slot receivers route tree is boring, our TE's might as well become o-linemen since we don't use them in the passing game anyway, and the only downfield stuff we do is if we have 1 on 1. Gundy went from getting the ball to athletes in space all over the field and hiding our talent deficiencies to hoping all 11 guys win their battle on every play. Problem is they don't and we can't move the ball with any type of rhythm. We're boring and predictable. If there is a bust guys like Wallace and Chuba (when he plays like he gives a crap) can make a team pay but we're not good enough to win conference championships, let alone anything related to the CFP, playing that way 12 games a season.
He finished in the Top 7 nationally in total offense all 5 years he was at OSU

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Oct 30, 2007
I really like what we saw from Coach Dunn on the first drive. I love an OC that's willing to use the pass to open up the run when the defense loads the box.
Nov 18, 2010
I really like what we saw from Coach Dunn on the first drive. I love an OC that's willing to use the pass to open up the run when the defense loads the box.
Totally different feel this game. Illingworth winging it all over the field has this looking like a completely different offense.
Another laser beam into an WR's chest just now. +15 roughing the passer.
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
Dunn is a great recruiter and only in his second game as OC.
I thought the opening drive was pretty good starting out with the pass. Yes, the offense did slide into some mediocre times. Lots of them. However, I do believe Dunn will get better and better as he becomes more comfortable with who he has under center and what the OLine can deliiver.

What I do have concerns over as well is the inability to get the ball to our pluthera of receivers -- ALL OF THEM and not just Wallace.
Let's be real here -- our quarterback play has not been up to our great expectations.
I'm expecting better production from Coach Rattay, but Sanders in his briefness wasn't showing a great deal of off-season improvement. I know it was just a bried glimpse into the new relationship with Rattay and Coach Rattay hasn't been working that much with Illingworth either. But these are my concerns.

The Defense, now, is so much fun to watch. It's like years of waiting for a messiah to lead us out of the valley of the shadow of no defense has appeared and given us a sign of great things to come. And we feel blessed.

Now, if we can just get this O cranked up like the rest of the Big 12 teams we're soon facing, we may be able to get our Heisman, All American and Special Award nominees back on track. As of this point, AIN'T NOBODY GONNA GET NO REWARD!
Sep 22, 2011
Not impressed with Dunn in the least. Our offense is sliding backwards big time.
The kid gloves , training wheels and lane bumpers were all on this week, including the dinosaur that kids roll the bowling ball down the lane with. As soon as we got up, the call came over the headphones to shut it down and protect Illingworth. I would like to see a game with SS at QB or when they get 50% of the playbook installed with Illingworth and our patchwork OL before I make a judgement on Dunn
Dec 17, 2011
I just miss going fast.

This O reminds me of meerkat offense we used to run.
The only thing we really have to go off of was that first drive in the Tulsa game where they did go fast. It will come back. Maybe...the defense is looking so good maybe its better to be slower this season.
Sep 12, 2013
Broken Arrow, OK
I would expect more of the same vanilla offense next week versus Kansas. The game against Rapelor is where we'll see the playbook opened a bit more. If Sanders plays, then it will be even more of a playbook. I don't think most people here will be happy with the offense, until we see what happens in week 7.
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Jun 24, 2005
You honestly expected us to play at a break neck pace with a true freshman QB who's had limited practice with a quarter and a half of game experience?

Yep, I miss that offense too, but it's clear Gundy is more comfortable counting on our Defense to win the game than a freshman QB.

I will say though I was thinking it used to be fun saying the Defense needs a break because we scored so fast they would be right back on the field. That beats the defense needs a break because we went three and out so they are right back on the field.