Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

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Sep 9, 2007
Piedmont, OK
Dunno. Let's ask our resident vegan lesb... I mean, Subaru owner.

@oks10 care to answer?

Not the vegan lesbian variety. If you notice the tailpipe of the one in tow, that is not a factory pipe. What you're looking at is someone's project car that they just bought off someone for $500 that they're gonna hoon the sh*t out of at first snow. This also isn't your vape variety either that rices out their car, throwing "carbon fiber" vinyl wrap on anything and everything, stancing the camber and fits in more with the Honda guys. THIS guy's got permanent grease stains on his hands from all the piston rings he's replaced in his lifetime. THAT'S what you're looking at here.