Dept of Homeland Security proposes changes to biometric and DNA collection and use

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Legendary Cowboy
Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
I'm not sure I like the direction they are proposing

The proposal would allow the collection, storage and use of biometric data primarily in immigrants right now

Voice Prints

DNA samples

Iris Scans

Palm Prints

Facial Photos

and all new technologies not yet developed

Remove the age restriction for biometric collection (currently age is restricted to 14 or higher for DNA collection)

allow ICE to share this data with any law enforcement office in the US

Allow other agencies access to this data upon approved request

And the ability of Dept of Homeland Security to collect, store, and use this data from US Citizens in certain cases (but they do not define what that is)

Collection, storage, and use of this biometric data for any US citizen who sponsors an immigrant